2.0mm Silicone Fuel Line (1m)

Highly flexible 2.0mm diameter silicone fuel line tube, 100cm length, translucent colour.

OD = 2.0mm (0.078 inch), ID = 1.0mm (0.039 inch), Length = 100cm (39.37 inch)

This miniature silicone tubing is perfect for adding fuel line details to large scale models, such as the 1/8th (Pocher, Entex, Monogram, Revell) and 1/12th (Tamiya, Protar, Revell) scale kits. Made from hollow silicone tubing, it has a translucent appearance, and due to its high flexibility drapes very naturally.

The listing picture is a 1/8th scale Pocher engine, to give an idea of the scale size. In reality the distributor on top of the engine would have electrical cable not fuel lines!