Course Simulated Conduit 1.9mm Brass Colour (45cm)

1.9mm Course Conduit Brass

Flexible 1.9mm diameter miniature conduit / hose / tube, 45cm length, brass colour.

OD = 1.9mm (0.075 inch), Length = 45cm (18 inch), made from 0.5mm coiled wire.

Multiple purchases will be supplied in 45cm lengths.

This miniature conduit is perfect for superdetailing large scale models, such as the 1/8th (Pocher, Entex, Monogram, Revell) and 1/12th (Tamiya, Protar, Revell) scale kits. Made from a tight coil of thin metal wire (like a very long slinky).

Please be aware - this conduit is stiffer than the fine conduits and can hold its shape. However, it can still develop kinks. It will be well protected when packed, and I will always include a bit extra conduit to make up for any bits which aren't perfect.